Photo by Balazs Kovacs/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Balazs Kovacs/iStock / Getty Images


What's the ONE THING, that if you could  HAVE IT - BE IT -  DO IT  -  CHANGE IT  or CREATE IT - would make everything better, and transform you into the woman you'd love to be?

Be You | Have What You Want | Feel Alive

I'm Kate Apanui + I'm a Life Coach.
I help women in practical + soulful ways,

  • Create what their hearts are craving
  • Become who they really want to be
  • Build a rich life.  

As my friend Courtney says "People think this is some kind of fluffy bullshit - but it's not - it's your life, and it matters".  

YOU can give yourself your heart desires  |   YOU can create a life you love  |  YOU can be the woman of your dreams.
You're perfectly designed to do it................Wanna start NOW?

So what do you want?


After taking some time off to have a baby - I'm now taking new clients  - if you're interested in coaching, drop me a line  at , and we can set up your first free consult.