Hi, I’m Kate Apanui,

I work with people who want to experience more vitality, clarity, meaning and joy in their lives, I help them connect to who they really are and what they really want so they can create a life that feels rich, authentic and free to them.  

I partner with horses, and give people an experience that can deeply shift whatever feels stuck, whether it’s a relationship, career, a team environment or a personal issue.  Working with these animals reminds us of our own wild and free nature, who we really are.  Horses are master communicators and leaders, so when we work with horses this way, they teach us how to lead, communicate, and create what we want in the world, in a more effective and authentic way.

I help pregnant women who are feeling nervous, worried, or overwhelmed –  I help them to stop feeling stressed out about giving birth, so they can start to look forward to it, AND, I help them to create birth experiences they love and enjoy.

I believe we are all meant to live lives of great peace, we were born in animal bodies, with the innate wisdom, instincts and consciousness that infuses all life, when we remember how to connect to that part of ourselves, we can find harmony in all aspects of our lives.

I don’t have the answers to all of life’s questions, but I can help you connect to yourself, help you find your own answers and help you shift and change your world.

Contact me for any details. kate@truenature.me