Coaching for women who want to unleash their I N N E R   M A G I C

  • I help pregnant women, first time mama's, and mama's who've been there done that (but didn't love it!)
    - feel B E T T E R  so they can  R E L A X  into birth.
  • I support women who want to really E N J O Y motherhood and fall in L O V E with their kids all over again.
  • I coach women - No Babies or Pregnancy required.
    I help them create lives of beauty and F R E E D O M.   If there's an area of your life that feels less than amazing, like you wish it was different, but you're not sure how to create that change.......then let's talk.

Hi I'm Kate.  
As a woman, certified coach, and mama of 3,  my heart beats for the feminine, for women who seek more bliss, deep connection, freedom, and a life that satisfies their soul.  I offer coaching programs and workshops for women around the world, and right here in NZ!

After taking some time off to have a baby - I'm now taking new clients - if you're interested in coaching, drop me a line  at , and we can set up your first free consult..........O R  grab a pink spoon and take one of my programs for a whirl, sign up for a tele-retreat, or invite me to speak at an event!

Y O U  +  C O A C H I N G