Single Sessions

For women who want to continue their journey.... 

This image is a labyrinth, the first time I walked it, I laughed - while at the same time felt incredibly frustrated, just when it seemed I was getting closer to the center - I would be lead away from it, only to find I was actually getting closer.  

Life is like that too. 

Just when I think I've got things sorted, I don't.

Moving closer to the center of ourselves is a journey, a process, very rarely does it happen over night.

We walk around in circles sometimes.

Personally, I get coached regularly, especially when I notice a gap in my thinking or in my life - Its like medicine for my heart and soul, and my life always shifts after a session, loving myself, building stronger relationships, creating a life I love, parenting from a more peaceful place - all have their seeds in coaching.

If you notice you need extra support through something, and we've worked together before, then lets reconnect - to bring you closer to your center - closer to the truth.


1 private 60 minute coaching session, via phone or skype 

How it works

You email me letting me know you'd like to book a session.
I email you back and we find a time that suits us both.
You get clear on what you'd like to coach on, and turn up to our call  (skype or phone) ready to dive in.
I'll send you an invoice and you'll pay via paypal.

The money honey

$125 NZD for one session

Make your move

Fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you via email to arrange a time for our session(s).  There are very limited sessions each month because my time is precious - so if you want in, make sure you put your hand up early :)

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