Love Your Birth


For mums who want to enjoy their pregnancy and look forward to giving birth.

This is a group for both first time mums, and mums who've been through birth before.
It's for mum's who are planning homebirths or hospital births, birth centre births, or cesarean sections - basically birth in all it's forms!

There are a lot of great classes, books and information out there on "How to give birth" detailing what to expect during pregnancy and birth,and how to plan and prepare yourself physically - that information is highly valuable, and we strongly reccomend being supported in this way, be it through your midwife, and obstetrician, an antenatal class, books or anything else.

But this is a different kind of class - one that focuses on you as a woman, and what your needs are.  As you take the time to nurture and support yourself from an emotional perspective, your body can relax into birth and motherhood more easily, and your life can begin to feel more like you want it to - more ease, less stress.
Love Your Birth is an antenatal group designed to support your emotional wellbeing and happiness during pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.  This is a chance for you to give yourself some well deserved space and time, to look at what's working in your life - and what's not. Love Your Birth creates an opportunity for you to let go of anything that feels less than supportive of you, and as you journey through the class, you'll feel more clear, confident, strong, and relaxed - helping you to enjoy pregnancy, and feel a sense of ease and excitement going into birth.

  • Are you totally at ease with your new body?  Do you feel a heaviness, tightness, or apprehension when you think about the actual birth,  people seeing you give birth, or being in your space after the baby has arrived?  Would you like to feel more relaxed and actually look forward to birth?
  • Do you crave more clarity and confidence around pregnancy, birth  or different areas of your life ?
  • Is there a "worst case scenario" in your mind?  Do you find yourself thinking "oh well if that happens that happens - I guess the most important thing is having a healthy baby".  Would you like to feel  genuine ease and peace around that topic?
  • Do you see other women and mums looking gorgeous and making everything seem effortless - do  you wonder how they do it?
  • Are there friends, family members  or other people in your life that you'd like to be more honest with - but you feel you can't say what you're really thinking?  Are you trying to keep everyone happy and not rock the boat too much?
  • Do you feel  tired, stressed or under pressure due to something else going in your life ?  Would you like to feel more relaxed, and calm?
  • Do you feel unsure of yourself sometimes and worry if you're making the right decisions?  Would you like to reconnect to your inner wisdom and intuition? 
  • Do you feel like you need someone else to coach you through giving birth?  Would you like to trust yourself more and feel confident?


  • 2 days of workshop experience, limited to 10 women  
  • You'll be given life coaching tools, to support you through pregnancy, birth and in all other areas of your life.
  • Complimentary private 1:1 coaching session with Kate (to be scheduled after the workshop) valued at $150
  • Valuable wisdom and knowledge from a highly experienced midwife
  • Tea, Coffee, snacks, and lunch
  • Fun, relaxation, and a way to feel like yourself again 

Weekend workshop October 15th and 16th 2016

9am - 3pm both days (but it's not a PJ party )

Omokoroa - 30 minutes drive door to door from the mount.

Spaces are limited to 10 women (no men or partners)  We SOLD OUT within days last time we offered this, so be sure to express your interest sooner rather than later.

Join us for a non-traditional antenatal group.  Love Your Birth is a group for women who want to feel better through their pregnancy and look forward to giving birth.  Come and discover how your pregnancy is not only growing your baby, but preparing and supporting  your growth and happiness as a woman.  Learn how to trust yourself more and begin to notice the partnership you have with your body, it's wisdom and how you can support yourself in the most loving ways through pregnancy. 

You'll leave with........

  • A feeling of pride and connection with your body and yourself - that will give you confidence and strength through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood
  • Soulful and practical ways to de-stress and relax and find your centre - great tools to take with you into birth .
  • An understanding and sense of your own intuition, how your body is communicating with you, supporting you, and leading you towards what you most need in life and in birth.
  • A way to let go of trying to avoid and control your worst case scenario - which actually gives you total control.
  •  Practices to help you set clear boundaries with people in your life - doing this gives you confidence and strength - setting the stage for birth.
  • A way to create deeper connections and more of what you want in your life and relationships with others.
  • The ability to go within, for your answers and strength - you truly already know what to do .
  • A recognition of how this pregnancy is collaborating to move you to greatness in your life and as a mother 

Fill out the form below if you're interested in joining our group, or if you have any questions for us, we'll get back to you to discuss anything, and confirm your spot in the group.

We can't wait to meet you and look forward to sharing this special time in your life!

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Kate Apanui

Kate's a mum of 3, an Internationally Certified Life Coach, and a NZ Registered Nurse. She's had high intervention birth, natural hospital birth, and home birth. Kate's passion for birth and coaching lead her to create a programme (Love Your Birth) that would help women not only love their births, but also reconnect them to pregnancy and birth for their own transformation, healing, and growth.  Kate's committed to empowering women, so they feel a sense of calm-confidence, in life, and especially going into birth and motherhood.

Gillian Sims

Gillian is a self-employed midwife who has been practicing since 2008.  She has worked in birth settings across the medical spectrum, both in New Zealand and internationally.  In the clinical arena  Gillian Believes in offering balanced information and advocating for women's informed decisions whatever they may be.  Gillian works hard to enable women to be heard and acknowledged throughout their maternity care.  In the personal arena she is passionate about good communication and healthy relationships, is an adventurous traveler and enjoys questioning the beliefs that make us who we are. 


In March this year I completed the Love Your Birth Workshop.

I first heard of it through a friend who saw it on Facebook and was going to do it.I had a look into it and realised it was just the thing I needed and had been looking for.

Although I have given birth before I was finding myself feeling scared and anxious about doing it again. After the first session I already felt uplifted, positive,confident and safe in the journey I was/am going to take.

Throughout the workshop Kate and Gillian were inspiring and lovely to be around. They both had so much knowledge on what they were teaching us and it was helpful and comforting to have views and information from a midwives and mothers perspective. There was never any judgement, and everyone's opinions,personalities and stories were always embraced and accepted.

All of these made it so much easier to really get the most out of Love Your Birth.

I came into it hoping to get inspiration and a positive view/mindset on birth,along with some techniques to help deal with labour.By the end of it I came out with so much more.I went from been terrified about birth to been excited and confident.

Love Your Birth has not only impacted my views and feelings on labour,but the tools and information we learned has helped me to be more happy,accepting,loving and in touch with myself,my relationships with othersand in life in general. It also helped me to overcome my fear of flying (when I had a trip to Australia half way through the course).

Overall I was really impressed and grateful for the Love Your Birth Workshop and Kate and Gill. I connected really well with it all and have gained so much more than I expected to.
- Fern


As a 43 year old 3rd time mum, having previously done an antenatal course with my husband; I was very keen to try a women’s only antenatal pilot course advertised by Kate and Gillian.  What drew me also was the name of their course – “Love Your Birth”.  Having previously had easy pregnancies and labours, followed by severe post-natal depression; my main goal in attending was to set the course for a more positive outcome post-natally.  Kate and Gillian make an awesome team; encouraging, accepting, and empowering each of us who attended the course into finding our inner strength and ability to not only ‘Love our Birth’ – but the whole process leading up to, including, and afterwards.  The course itself was nothing I had expected and everything I needed: enriching, nurturing to us as women, and empowering us to have greater faith in ourselves and our ability to live a full, centred life as women, wives and mothers.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone needing to find the courage to “Love Your Birth”. 

It had been 5 years since I had my first child, I had almost forgot what to do how to feel and what to expect. I had never done antenatal classes or any type of workshop to do with pregnancy or birthing before as I believed I was to young and at the time was doing it by myself.

Fast forward a few years and Im older I feel I am more mature and my partner and I are expecting baby number 2. We have been given a second chance to enjoy it and to go through this together as a team.

When I signed up to Love your birth I actually had no idea what to expect, maybe it was more of an excuse to get out of the house and be around other pregnant woman maybe because I never got to experience this with our first child I wanted to find out what it was all about. Well let me tell you something it was an amazing experience that I felt you could be so open and honest about anything and everything. It was a place were as a woman you could talk about things and you could feel the support and positive vibes bouncing back and forth between one another. When I gave birth to our beautiful healthy boy Jack via C-section I remember thinking to myself god I am so thankful for those two beautiful ladies Kate and Gillian.

As a C-section was not on the cards I wanted to birth my child myself because with my first child she was delivered via emergency C-section and was all so extremely overwhelming that I felt I never really got that first real bond with our daughter. But I don't know if its because I had a non emergency C-section or what but it all just felt so different, I felt at ease with being told that I wasn't going to have natural birth because I reflected back on the things we spoke about. 

Now I'm sitting here admiring my two beautiful children who came into this world both by C-section and I am just so blessed. I have learned to look at the positives in a negative due to what I learnt in love your birth and I am so proud of the mother I am and so thankful to everyone in this particular group.

The title Love Your Birth basically says it all because no matter what each birth is individually beautiful.
-  Alana-Marie