Look Within, You are the world

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

I'm Kate Apanui, Equus Coach™+ Master Facilitator, Life Coach, and Registered Nurse.  
People always ask me, Why do you work with horses?  
The answer is; When you work with a horse, they have the gift of being able to show you who you really are.

Horses remind us of our own true nature, because they are such an honest and clear expression of themselves.  They're not concerned with their appearance, their status, their success or even their place in the pecking order.  They don't worry about what you might be thinking of them or if you're judging them, and they certainly don't have an agenda.  They are themselves, a unique expression in each and every moment.  Present.

They have a very special way of know exactly what to do, to get you moving in the direction you need to go.

I work with horses and people, to help people......

  • Create better relationships
  • Change situations that are unsatisfying or stressful 
  • Achieve their goals
  • Lead themselves and their lives in a way that feels supportive of them
  • Build strong communication skills

You're invited to come and see yourself through the eyes of horse, and experience the potential for change, growth and success horses offer.