Believe that you are the miracle - just because you are a woman. - Unknown

Love Your Birth Antenatal Workshop

L O V E   Y O U R   B I R T H
October 15th + 16th 2016!

I created Love Your Birth, back in France a few years ago, after I'd had my second baby.  I created it because, birth #1 was HARD, I had intervention after intervention - and nothing was like I had wanted or imagined.

When I got pregnant again - all I could think was, SHIT, I don't want to go through that again, what am I gonna do?

I rang my coach.  (Not a birth coach - just my life coach.)

Birth #2 was AMAZING
and I got to thinking - other women could do with some support through this stuff, and I wanted them to love their births too - no matter what kind of birth it was, hospital, home, water, or c-section.  It's our right to move through birth in a way that feels supportive of us.

AND I'm so lucky to have Midwife  Gillian Sims collaborating with me, to help make this programme really rich, and full of useful, insightful, and practical, knowledge, and wisdom.

Gillian and I will be hosting a small group of women in one of the most beautiful homes in Omokoroa, for 2 days in October.  Think of it as a mini-retreat, something special for you during your pregnancy, that'll help you and bubs unwind and settle into a relaxed, confident, loving space.

Gillian and I know that pregnancy and birth may not be feel like the easiest time of your life, for all different reasons, and we'd like to support you through that.  

This is a space just for women - no partners.
It's only open to 10 women and spaces are starting to fill.
It runs from 9am - 3pm both days - but it's not sleep over, you get to go home to your family and partners at the end of the day.  We'll provide you with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea - and of course warm and cool drinks too. 

In this programme you'll find....

  • Tools to help you relax in the birthing room
  • A way to trust and connect to your body's wisdom and move towards what you most need
  • Empowering methods to help you let go of avoiding and or controlling your worst case scenario
  • An awareness of healthy boundaries and relationships - that can set the stage for birth by underlining your own confidence and strength.

Who should come?

  • First time mums feeling a little uncertain
  • Mums who've been through birth before and feel uncertain
  • Women who are pregnant and have stress, worry, anxiety, overwhelm or tension in their lives
  • Women preparing for birth of any kind - home birth, hospital birth, c-sections, or birthing centre - it doesn't matter where or how you give birth, but that you feel calm, confident, supported and relaxed.

What you won't find....
This isn't a traditional antenatal class that talks through, how babies come out, or what to pack in your hospital bag.

This is a programme for you - nourish yourself, your baby and your birth with this enriching experience.

When you take care of you - everything else is easier and better.

If you want to sign up, or simply know more, contact me through this form or call me 021.502.104

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I've spent many years grappling with how to be confident, it was painful and so unsettling ........which is why I've created a program to help you rediscover your natural confidence - it's called  S H E'S   C O N F I D E N T  - but I digress.

I was great at faking it, acting confident and outgoing - but inside I was a  mess - feeling totally pathetic, nervous, and not good enough.  Some days I was a hot mess on the outside too.  It wasn't pretty, but I didn't know how to change it.

Until I understood something really simple.

T R U S T I N G   Y O U R S E L F   =   C O N F I D E N C E

So what do I mean by that?

When you know what you want - and you give that to yourself - then you can trust yourself, and that little simple step, gives you more confidence.

So first of all - you need to know what you want.

What are you  Y E A R N I N G   for?  What would feel  L O V I N G  to you?

Most of the time we're on automatic pilot - not even that aware of what we need -  we might know that we're not happy, or something's not feeling right, or we're upset - but that doesn't always translate into us asking ourselves - "Hmmm what am I yearning for? -  What do I need to make me feel better right now?  What would feel loving to me in this moment? "  Instead we just feel stuck, grumpy, tired, lost, annoyed, unsure of what we're doing wrong - and try to battle our way out of that feeling.

Instead we try to keep ourselves safe.

We avoid confrontation, embarrassment, awkwardness, and failure - by fitting in, and trying to keep other people happy - or trying to make ourselves feel happy....... And in doing this we teach ourselves, that our desires and needs aren't what's important.  Sometimes we can get to the point where we drown out our inner voice - so we don't even know what we yearn for, what we desire or what we need.

Very often, giving yourself what you yearn for can feel scary, because it means being vulnerable.........  

  • It might be that you need some time alone, away from your kids and partner, but that might feel hard to actually ask for or talk about.
  • It might be that you want to be sober when everyone else is toasting with bubbles - and that feels awkward and like you're not really part of the group, or not participating.
  • It could be that you're yearning for more satisfying friendships, but you're scared to approach the people you want to hang out with.

Here's the thing - If  Y O U don't listen to what your desires are, and take some steps towards giving them to yourself - then you start to feel like crap.  You start to doubt yourself, hold yourself down, feel stuck, and powerless.


Step 1 - Listen for inspiration and hear the wisdom of your body.

When you listen to your body, you'll always hear the truth.  In each moment the universe is whispering inspiration your way, directing you towards what's right and good and amazing for you, and when you start move in that direction, or even to think about moving in that direction - then your body will give you Y E S signal.

Step 2 -  Move towards what feels most loving for you.

  • When you're wondering what to eat for dinner ask yourself - What would feel most loving to me?
  • When you're feeling unsure about what to do, ask yourself - What would feel most loving to me?
  • When you want to get out the door to do something for yourself - but you feel like you should stay home with the family - ask yourself - What would feel most loving to me?

When you feel the inspiration, when you hear the whisper of what you desire, when you feel pulled in a certain direction and you get that body Y E S - then move in that direction - take a step, take a leap, but do something for yourself that acknowledges that you've heard what you desire and go about creating that for yourself.

If the step feels too big, too bold, too brash - then ask yourself, what's a small step I could take in that direction.

Step 3 - Repeat.

Do it all again.


About a month ago I was driving my kids to daycare and myself to a meeting, and I was feeling ugggh.
So, as I was driving along I asked myself, "what am I yearning for"
And like lightening I heard myself saying in my head "I need a holiday".  It felt like my body relaxed and let out a big sigh of relief.
But I was the middle of term, I had clients and meetings and my husband had a packed schedule as well.
So I rang my mama, and my sister - and I was like - I need a break, what's the chances of you gals coming up to stay with the kids over a weekend in the holidays and Rich and I getting away for a night or two?  Of course they're basically angels so they said YES.  I jumped online and booked the cutest little bach on a gorgeous beach up north - to a place I hear is lovely - but not too far away.  This whole time my husband was saying  hmmmm, I'm not sure -  but I figured if he didn't want to come that was up to him,  I needed to honour myself, and what I was yearning for - I'd go on my own if that's what it came down to - but turns out he's keen!  
So we're away NEXT WEEK!!!

O V E R   T O   Y O U

As always, I like to wrap up with a little home play - because my biggest desire is for you to feel like you can actually use this tool in your life today.
Confidence comes from knowing who you are, and knowing who you are, comes from listening to yourself and trusting that inner voice - your intuition, and taking action.  The more you take action on what you desire, the more you learn to trust yourself, and the more confident you become.

Here's a few questions to get you going......

What's uncomfortable?  Or where in life are you feeling a little uggggh?
What are you yearning for?
What would feel loving to you?
How can you give that to yourself right now?

If you're feeling up for it, I would love to hear from you - tell me - what are you yearning for?  How are you giving yourself what you most long for?  What would feel like a loving thing to do for yourself?  What would make you smile and feel at ease?  How can you give that to yourself or take a step in that direction?

Any questions? Shoot them to

Do you want to feel more confident?
Are you interested in S H E'S   C O N F I D E N T?

I'm offering the first 6 women who put their hands up an O P E N I N G   S P E C I A L  of  50% off the regular price!
If you want to be one of those gals - email me  The sooner the better!


On kids; Less guilt - More love

Loving your kids seems like it should be an easy thing to do.

And we all do love our kids - that goes without saying.

But sometimes they can really push our buttons in all kinds of weird ways that we don't even understand - and we can love them because they're our kids - but at the same time, not really like them very much.

I used to have that experience - it can sometimes still happen when I fall out of practice.

AND, it used to upset me so much because I thought there was something wrong with me.  I felt like a terrible person and an awful mum.  I hated myself for not liking my kids sometimes.  I would go to bed wracked with guilt, regret and frustration - which of course didn't make matters any better!

The reality is, our kids are like little zen masters - and they're just highlighting things that we need to look at within ourselves - they make things painful for us so that we can't turn away, they force us to deal with our own stuff.  (We'll talk about how to do that in a different post!)


In the mean-time what can you do?

Well I came up with this fun little thing.

You know the Gratitude list?  yeah, yeah, 3 things you're grateful for into a journal each night.
I know, you've been there, done that!  

Well bare with me - this is kind of like that - but you do it for your kids.
I want you to find 3 things they've done during day that make you smile.

Relive that moment and soak it in.
Drop that memory into your heart and let your kids live there before you go to sleep.
If you're feeling energetic write it into a journal - if you're not - just let your mind focus on their beauty and radiance, cuteness and silliness, before you go to sleep.

Thats it.

It's pretty simple - but trust me - it can truly transform the relationship you have with your kids.

OVER TO YOU.........

What are 3 things your kid has done today that made you smile?  Share them with me! I'd love to hear about the gorgeous little people in your life.

Big hugs to you - you're doing an awesome job!


I'm a woman who.......

Your heart knows the way
Run in that direction
- Rumi

(If you're looking for the  H O W - T O,  skip to the bottom of the page - I see you, busy woman on a mission!) 

All of us, (ok not all of us, but if you're reading this, then probably you,) have an idea of who we are - and then - over there across the bridge, some where far off (or maybe not so far off), is the kind of woman we want to be.  

You know who I'm talking about - it's the you you wish you were more like.

It might be a more organised version of you, a more relaxed version of yourself, a more successful you or a more confident you..........

Now to be honest with you, I'm all about loving yourself wherever you are now.  


I also know how good it feels when we bring ourselves into alignment with who we really are - and who you really are -  is who your heart longs to be - actually, it's who you already are.

I know that sounds like a riddle, but stick with me.

Using the phrase  "I'm a woman who.........." can be a powerful tool in helping you become more like the you you want to be, because it reminds you who you are. It makes the you you want to be real, not in a "some-day" kind of way, but right now.  By doing this, you bring the real you into being


I use it like this.......

"I'm a woman who takes excellent care of herself"

So sometimes I'm guilty of being lazy, and although the lazy things I do seem ok at the time - and not particularly harmful, they actually chip away at me, I feel "less than" because of my behaviour.

So what do I do, you ask?

 I do things like - eat toast for dinner, avoid paying bills for no good reason, I stay up way too late, I stay in bed until the very last minute that I have to get up, I avoid cleaning my bathroom for longer than I like to admit - I leave things to the last minute, I cruise facebook before bed - and then sometimes make my way to instagram too, I get through the day with one glass of water under my belt, I talk mean to myself in my head, I have vitamins sitting in my cupboard - untaken, I start a bunch of projects and don't finish one,  and oh my - I don't exercise regularly (something my body doesn't thank me for) ..............

All this and more!

And at the time, when I'm eating toast for dinner - or watching some x-factor thing on facebook, I don't notice how bad it is - it doesn't seem destructive or damaging, but I go to bed sad, feeling ugh, and small and not at all like the woman I know I am.  Usually none of this gets articulated, I just feel tired and kind of stressed.

So,now I've made it my daily, hourly, - anytime I do anything - phrase to ask myself.  "What would a woman who takes excellent care of herself do? - How would she do it? -  Would a woman who takes excellent care of herself do this?"

It's changed things.

A woman who takes excellent care of herself cleans her damn bathroom - not because someone's coming over, but because it feels better to live that way.


I enjoy things more, I take time to light candles and water my plants, I organise my time better, I indulge my love of photography, I talk with my sister, and make time for friends, I enjoy sunrises and mountains, I slow down - and get more done.  Life becomes richer when I'm a woman who looks after herself.  I value myself more - and by taking care of myself, I teach others how I like to be treated, and so I experience other people valuing me in their own way.

Using this phrase brings more of what you want to experience into your life.  

It shapes you into being, not through discipline, or punishments, or goal setting, not through rewards or cajoling - but by listening to what you yearn for, you can hear the clue of the direction your being called towards  - which means - you become more vibrant, more beautiful - a greater version of yourself, things you thought weren't going to work out start happening for you, your relationships become richer, your life starts to feel magical and fulfilling. 

When I'm a woman who's taking excellent care of myself, I feel so much better.  Instead of chipping away at myself, I feel strengthened, nourished and radiant - it means I've got way more to offer the world, I'm a better mum, wife, friend, sister, coach - everything in my life benefits when I give myself what I yearn for.

It becomes less of a "have to" and more of a "want to"

So in my normal life, cleaning my bathroom is the last thing on my list - and when I finally do clean it, I'm annoyed that I actually have to clean it.  BUT when I'm taking excellent care of myself, I enjoy cleaning the bathroom, because it feels like an act of care towards ME, not something I'm forcing myself to do.  When I drink water because I'm taking care of myself, I feel excited by the possibility of what that water is doing for my body.  When I exercise because I'm taking care of myself, I feel stronger, more alive and like I'm actually ageing backwards!

Game changer.


What are you yearning for?  
What do you want to experience more of in your life? 
What's the crappy thing going on for you at the moment - the area you'd most like to change?  If you could transform that situation how would you ideally feel?

It might sound like; I don't want to feel so rattled when I'm around my boss,  or I want to feel less tired and stressed and more energised, or I want to be kinder to my kids.  

It could be - I'm yearning for time alone.  I'm yearning for a deeper connection.  I'm yearning for more time rest or more peace.

Then, once you know what it is you want to feel (peace / rest / stillness / kindness / connection / energy / happiness etc)  think about how you can craft that into a sentence

For example:

I'm a woman who is kind to herself and her kids
I'm a woman who makes time for herself
I'm a woman who enjoys life
I'm a woman who nourishes herself
I'm a woman who treats herself with love

Once you've got your phrase - use it - use it throughout your day, let it guide your thinking and your actions - and watch how you move so beautifully into your natural self.

Share in the comments below!   I always love to hear how you're doing!  Plus I love to see you as you really are :)

Much love




How to create a lovely life

I've been teaching myself how to have a lovely life for a number of years now - and yes, it's definitely a practice.

I used to have a lovely life.  

We lived in France, my husband and I loved each other (we still do by the way!)  We had a beautiful baby girl, a cute dog, a great apartment, money to travel and buy the things we wanted, a nice car, nice clothes, we often ate out with friends for lunch or dinner, my husband was a professional sportsman, I was nurse - a career I had enjoyed, we had plenty of time for leisure activities, we often went to the beach or into the mountains for day trips.............

And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I was unhappy.

Sometimes I was so unhappy that I sobbed in the shower (so no-one could hear me),  I just couldn't work out what was wrong, and I was so scared.  

Creating a lovely life became an obsession - I knew I had all the elements for a happy life, everything was the way I wanted it to be, and yet I wasn't that happy - some days I was, but then I would wake up the next morning, or the next week,  or the next month, and feel that heaviness inside myself again.

I read books and blogs about how to be happy - until I finally got it;

Having a lovely life  has nothing to do with what we actually DO in our lives, if we holiday in Europe or not, what we look like or what kind of car we drive.

Here's the secret.....

Life becomes sweet, rich, abundant, and lovely, when we connect to who we really are.  
This could turn into a really long post - but because it's late, let me make it short and sweet.

Think of 5 things you love doing  - Here are mine......

  1. Sitting outside when my son's napping, and drinking my tea on the lawn.
  2. Yoga
  3. Using my Jade Egg
  4. Sitting out under the stars with a blanket
  5. Horses

Ok,  ok, I know I said it has nothing to do with what you DO - but when you DO things that make your heart sing,  without an agenda or goal in mind - what I mean is you're not doing them for any other purpose than because it makes you truly happy to do them - then you're making YOU a priority, You're listening to your inner wisdom, and that builds self trust and confidence, you begin to notice subtle shifts in how you feel, you begin to connect to yourself and revel in your own bliss.  You begin to know who you really are.

Goethe said "when you know who you are, then you'll know how to live".  I have found this to be true. 

Here's another idea that's helped me more than once........

At any time you're unsure of what to do, or you're feeling upset about something - put your hand on your heart and ask yourself,  "What would be the most loving thing for me right now"  then follow through, do whatever it is you feel moved to do.  Another spin on this is asking "What would be the most loving thing I could hear right now?" and then believe that, as if the universe itself had whispered the truth into your heart.

Connecting to who you really are is the key to everything, success, happiness, abundance, health, relationship bliss - it all starts with you.  By making time each day to ask yourself, what do I want to do to day?  What would make me smile?  What would feel like bliss to me?  What would be something loving I could do for myself today?  
Then you'll have a lovely, lovely, life.

Connect to yourself.  Listen to yourself.  Love yourself.