On kids; Less guilt - More love

Loving your kids seems like it should be an easy thing to do.

And we all do love our kids - that goes without saying.

But sometimes they can really push our buttons in all kinds of weird ways that we don't even understand - and we can love them because they're our kids - but at the same time, not really like them very much.

I used to have that experience - it can sometimes still happen when I fall out of practice.

AND, it used to upset me so much because I thought there was something wrong with me.  I felt like a terrible person and an awful mum.  I hated myself for not liking my kids sometimes.  I would go to bed wracked with guilt, regret and frustration - which of course didn't make matters any better!

The reality is, our kids are like little zen masters - and they're just highlighting things that we need to look at within ourselves - they make things painful for us so that we can't turn away, they force us to deal with our own stuff.  (We'll talk about how to do that in a different post!)


In the mean-time what can you do?

Well I came up with this fun little thing.

You know the Gratitude list?  yeah, yeah, 3 things you're grateful for into a journal each night.
I know, you've been there, done that!  

Well bare with me - this is kind of like that - but you do it for your kids.
I want you to find 3 things they've done during day that make you smile.

Relive that moment and soak it in.
Drop that memory into your heart and let your kids live there before you go to sleep.
If you're feeling energetic write it into a journal - if you're not - just let your mind focus on their beauty and radiance, cuteness and silliness, before you go to sleep.

Thats it.

It's pretty simple - but trust me - it can truly transform the relationship you have with your kids.

OVER TO YOU.........

What are 3 things your kid has done today that made you smile?  Share them with me! I'd love to hear about the gorgeous little people in your life.

Big hugs to you - you're doing an awesome job!