Believe that you are the miracle - just because you are a woman. - Unknown

Love Your Birth Antenatal Workshop

L O V E   Y O U R   B I R T H
October 15th + 16th 2016!

I created Love Your Birth, back in France a few years ago, after I'd had my second baby.  I created it because, birth #1 was HARD, I had intervention after intervention - and nothing was like I had wanted or imagined.

When I got pregnant again - all I could think was, SHIT, I don't want to go through that again, what am I gonna do?

I rang my coach.  (Not a birth coach - just my life coach.)

Birth #2 was AMAZING
and I got to thinking - other women could do with some support through this stuff, and I wanted them to love their births too - no matter what kind of birth it was, hospital, home, water, or c-section.  It's our right to move through birth in a way that feels supportive of us.

AND I'm so lucky to have Midwife  Gillian Sims collaborating with me, to help make this programme really rich, and full of useful, insightful, and practical, knowledge, and wisdom.

Gillian and I will be hosting a small group of women in one of the most beautiful homes in Omokoroa, for 2 days in October.  Think of it as a mini-retreat, something special for you during your pregnancy, that'll help you and bubs unwind and settle into a relaxed, confident, loving space.

Gillian and I know that pregnancy and birth may not be feel like the easiest time of your life, for all different reasons, and we'd like to support you through that.  

This is a space just for women - no partners.
It's only open to 10 women and spaces are starting to fill.
It runs from 9am - 3pm both days - but it's not sleep over, you get to go home to your family and partners at the end of the day.  We'll provide you with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea - and of course warm and cool drinks too. 

In this programme you'll find....

  • Tools to help you relax in the birthing room
  • A way to trust and connect to your body's wisdom and move towards what you most need
  • Empowering methods to help you let go of avoiding and or controlling your worst case scenario
  • An awareness of healthy boundaries and relationships - that can set the stage for birth by underlining your own confidence and strength.

Who should come?

  • First time mums feeling a little uncertain
  • Mums who've been through birth before and feel uncertain
  • Women who are pregnant and have stress, worry, anxiety, overwhelm or tension in their lives
  • Women preparing for birth of any kind - home birth, hospital birth, c-sections, or birthing centre - it doesn't matter where or how you give birth, but that you feel calm, confident, supported and relaxed.

What you won't find....
This isn't a traditional antenatal class that talks through, how babies come out, or what to pack in your hospital bag.

This is a programme for you - nourish yourself, your baby and your birth with this enriching experience.

When you take care of you - everything else is easier and better.

If you want to sign up, or simply know more, contact me through this form or call me 021.502.104

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