Little Seeds of Kindness


Like most parents (I imagine), I want to teach my children how to live a life that matters, that's supportive of others.  I want to teach them kindness.  How to be kind to themselves and others.

I've always felt a little confused about how exactly to do this?  I know. What's not to get?

Anyway, it's the school holidays, and as I stare down the barrel of 2 weeks and 3 kids, I was wondering what on earth I could do with them - where could I take them?  The park?  The pools? School holiday programs?  I started searching Pinterest and Modern Parents Messy Kids for ideas and inspiration.  I was considering what toys I could buy that might be fun, what DIY projects I could include them in on...........

And then I remembered a friend of mine who emailed me a week or two before Sascha was born. She didn't just email me, she emailed a lot of people sharing a story that touched my heart, it was an open request for help.  I shared the story and photos with my kids, tears in my eyes, with the hardship some people have.  My kids are so great, immediately they wanted to help the kids who they didn't know, the kids living a million miles away in a country they'd never heard of.  They wanted to send them their toys, their clothes,  and their books, because "mum we have so much".  There's even a pile of dress-ups waiting to be packaged up, that the girls decided were for the kids across the other side of the world.

Yes these holidays will be filled with play, and fun, colouring-in, and movies, beaches and friends - but we'll also be busy with the project of helping others.  In this way, I think we're planting seeds of kindness, (another idea I was inspired by from Ashley Ann).  

I'm pretty sure our kids don't learn to be kind by us telling them how to do it, they learn by experience.  When they feel what its like to do something loving for another human, it fills them up with that beautiful feeling, it reminds them who they are, and how important they are, and what a difference they can make in the world.......and hopefully they go looking for ways to recreate that feeling, sharing themselves, their inspiration, their creativity, and their hearts with others.

I might post some pictures of what we get up to on Instagram (it's my favourite social media!)