How to create a lovely life

I've been teaching myself how to have a lovely life for a number of years now - and yes, it's definitely a practice.

I used to have a lovely life.  

We lived in France, my husband and I loved each other (we still do by the way!)  We had a beautiful baby girl, a cute dog, a great apartment, money to travel and buy the things we wanted, a nice car, nice clothes, we often ate out with friends for lunch or dinner, my husband was a professional sportsman, I was nurse - a career I had enjoyed, we had plenty of time for leisure activities, we often went to the beach or into the mountains for day trips.............

And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I was unhappy.

Sometimes I was so unhappy that I sobbed in the shower (so no-one could hear me),  I just couldn't work out what was wrong, and I was so scared.  

Creating a lovely life became an obsession - I knew I had all the elements for a happy life, everything was the way I wanted it to be, and yet I wasn't that happy - some days I was, but then I would wake up the next morning, or the next week,  or the next month, and feel that heaviness inside myself again.

I read books and blogs about how to be happy - until I finally got it;

Having a lovely life  has nothing to do with what we actually DO in our lives, if we holiday in Europe or not, what we look like or what kind of car we drive.

Here's the secret.....

Life becomes sweet, rich, abundant, and lovely, when we connect to who we really are.  
This could turn into a really long post - but because it's late, let me make it short and sweet.

Think of 5 things you love doing  - Here are mine......

  1. Sitting outside when my son's napping, and drinking my tea on the lawn.
  2. Yoga
  3. Using my Jade Egg
  4. Sitting out under the stars with a blanket
  5. Horses

Ok,  ok, I know I said it has nothing to do with what you DO - but when you DO things that make your heart sing,  without an agenda or goal in mind - what I mean is you're not doing them for any other purpose than because it makes you truly happy to do them - then you're making YOU a priority, You're listening to your inner wisdom, and that builds self trust and confidence, you begin to notice subtle shifts in how you feel, you begin to connect to yourself and revel in your own bliss.  You begin to know who you really are.

Goethe said "when you know who you are, then you'll know how to live".  I have found this to be true. 

Here's another idea that's helped me more than once........

At any time you're unsure of what to do, or you're feeling upset about something - put your hand on your heart and ask yourself,  "What would be the most loving thing for me right now"  then follow through, do whatever it is you feel moved to do.  Another spin on this is asking "What would be the most loving thing I could hear right now?" and then believe that, as if the universe itself had whispered the truth into your heart.

Connecting to who you really are is the key to everything, success, happiness, abundance, health, relationship bliss - it all starts with you.  By making time each day to ask yourself, what do I want to do to day?  What would make me smile?  What would feel like bliss to me?  What would be something loving I could do for myself today?  
Then you'll have a lovely, lovely, life.

Connect to yourself.  Listen to yourself.  Love yourself.