How I make stuff happen.

One of the most powerful things I've ever done was sit around on my bed with my eyes closed, day after day.

I remember that time in my life as if it was yesterday.  I lived in a foreign country, I hadn't yet mastered the language - AND - I didn't get on well with the ex-pat women who I knew through my husbands work, (which sucked!) Oh and  I'd just had a baby to top it all off.  I felt utterly alone, desperate and lonely.


On the bright side, I'd decided to take Martha Beck's Life Coaching course.  I was reading her books, and I felt totally inspired by the possibility she offered.  So I committed myself to experimenting with her exercises.  One in particular "Treasuring the future - Now" in her book Steering by Starlight, was my favourite.  The idea with this is to sit for 10 minutes, and imagine your heart's desire is already your reality, you see it and experience it in your mind as if it was a memory you're replaying, you FEEL how you would feel, if that thing were to happen - and you live in that dream for 10 minutes - imagining your wish has already come true.  

So I would put my baby to sleep, take a shower, and then sit on my bed.  
What did I imagine?  Millions of dollars?  A new car?  A hot bod?
Nope - none of the above.
I used to imagine myself sitting in the cafe across the road from my apartment, with a group of amazing, inspiring, like-minded, passionate, warm, loving women, laughing and talking and supporting each other.

And wouldn't you know it.  
I never once sat in that cafe with a group of women who resembled the feeling of that vision.

BUT I did notice that within a short space of time - I had a whole new group of friends, who lived all over the world, who felt exactly like the vision. 

AH-MAZING. And at the same time - totally natural - because that's what happens when you live this way.

I've done this with a bunch of different things (houses, cars, travel, career, etc)  - it works like magic.

When you set a goal or get clear about a dream - when you really want something to happen - it helps if you can learn to do this.

So if you're looking around your life and noticing you want something to be different, you want something to change.  I challenge you to experiment, (it can't hurt) close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and imagine what that different thing would feel like, look like, be like.  Who would you be if that was your reality, how would you be different?  Take 10 minutes out of your day, set your timer, and vividly imagine you are living your future now.  Preview it all.

It works best if you have it as part of your daily routine - first thing in the morning, last thing at night - or like me - once the baby's asleep and you've showered!

I'd love to hear how you go - what do you want to make happen?

Much love