Default patterns + autopilot

We all have a default mode, a pattern, a way of being, a personality, that we fall into whenever things are feeling a little tough.  If you're walking down the "enlightenment / alignment" path then you'll start to notice the difference between when YOU show up, and when your old patterns show up - the old you.

You might be doing a great job of living in a way that feels in alignment with you - and then you go into a meeting, or lose a client, meet an old friend, or start having a discussion with a family member - and all of a sudden, the person you don't want to be anymore, shows up and takes over - and then 10 minutes later - or maybe even a day later - you feel like you just woke up, and think; "oh man I was doing such a great job - how did I fall into that way of being again - that's not who I want to be!"

It's ok.  It happens.

Just notice it.  Notice that you just were triggered, and your default auto pilot took over.
Thank her for her support, but let her know you've got this now, and next time you're in this situation she can hold your hand as you walk through a new way of being.

She's just trying to take care of you - and you needed her for as long as you've needed her - but now it's time for you to let her rest and be taken care of herself.