About Me and Coaching

My Story.
I'll keep it short and sweet.  I'm a mama with 3 kids, I'm married to Richy, and I've spent the past 8 years living abroad (mostly in France) though we're now back in New Zealand.  I've been Coaching since 2010, and became a Certified Coach in 2011.  Before this, in what seems like a past life now, I was working as a surgical nurse.

ON FRANCE - Yup I miss it.  But I'm also falling in love with my new place in the world - and lucky for me and the gals, Richy's a master croissant maker!

ON KIDS - Having girls made me want to be a better woman.  I love them.  They drive me nuts.  They inspire me to try harder.  Some days I want to run away.  They're the reason I had the courage to start coaching.  Now that I have a little boy in the mix, well that has just added a whole new dimension to the way I think and feel.  His little presence has challenged and supported me in ways I could never have imagined.

ON RICHY - He makes me possible.

ON ME - I love horses, the beach, yoga, vintage treasures, messing around with photography, reading, being a woman, silence, friends, and so much more.  Living, experimenting, learning, and deepening my understanding of life has become my absolute passion, watching how as I change everything else around me changes, is totally fascinating to me.  Coaching creates the space for inspired transformation - and I love that.

Equus Coaching is when I partner with horses, and then I basically let them do all the teaching!  Horses have a natural talent for helping people, they always seem to know the exact right thing to do.  Often times they behave like the people in our lives -  bosses, children, partners or colleagues - and they present us with the same challenges as these people do.  Once we can work out how to change our patterns with a horse, it becomes much clearer how to do it with the people or situations in our lives. Horses  show us what personas we've taken on, what coping mechanisms we're using, how we're trapping ourselves, and remind us of who we really are.  Horses love to set us free.

Coaching is a way of becoming yourself so you can create what you really want in life.
Coaching helps you to see what's holding you back, what patterns you're creating and living out that aren't serving you anymore, and gives you the tools to actually do something different - so you can have different results.

During a coaching session I use a combination of positive psychology, thought work, personal development, and mind-body practices - I also partner with horses, in something I call Equus Coaching, which is really, really fun.  I use these tools everyday, on myself and on my clients, because they work.  I also have my own coach (several actually) and I continue to find myself inspired by them, to shift and change each day.

I trained with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Martha Beck, and her team of Master Coaches during 2010, to become a Certified Life Coach.  In 2011 I began my Equus training and apprenticeship with Koelle Simpson, I'm now a Certified Equus Coach, and Master Facilitator.

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